Not One of The 6
Not One of The 6


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The finished film will be created with fifty different scenes. Create your value in the film, by creating a video of value. You can participate by yourself or with an organization. A series of books will also be created that contain 200 pages each. Your idea of value can make it into one of the books.

How do I or the organization I represent get on the show?

  1. Form a team of 3 to 12 people.
  2. Send an e-mail telling us about you and the group.
  3. State a phone number and best time to call. We need to hear your voice as well as your written statements. Pictures are optional.
  4. News reports or newspaper clippings will be helpful, but not necessary.
  5. Is your efforts local, meaning a town, city, county? Or is your effort state, regional, or national? If your efforts are international, please state countries.

Send your information to the following email:

You and Your City, County or Parish, Are Invited to Play for up to 700 Jobs on $4.80 Per Person with a cap of 208,333 players to a project.

Elite Eight & Sweet 16 Double Elimination Tournament

Who Can Create the Most Value With Up to 700 Jobs on $4.80 with 208,333 People

Projects Can Be in the Profit or Not For Profit Area

Williamson Co, TX - Williamson Co, TN - Oklahoma Co, OK - Palm Beach Co, FL - Clark Co, NV - Los Angles Co, CA - Westchester Co, NY - Harris Co, TX - Cook Co, IL

Orlando, FL - Dallas, TX - Wichita, KS - Des Moise, IA - Lakeland, FL - McKinney, TX - Memphis, TN - Denton, TX - Sugerland, TX - Scottsdale, AZ

Join us for some Fun - Fame - Fortune


We are the McSenses, We're in a Film and TV Pilot

The McSensesWe are here to help you and your family. Asking starts the receiving process. You must send an e-mail after reading all of our website with your name, contact number, and the best time to call.

Please send to:











Carolina and Gabriela Hansen (L to R)

Time to Perform

Carolina and Gabriela Hansen (L to R)

Click here to download "Time to Perform".

We are making a movie and we need you to be in our film. Up to sixty seconds of film or wording is needed to help create a day of fun for sick kids.

E-mail us at:







7,000,000 viewers have leverage beyond their imagination.

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With $4.80 per person per year the following can be achieved. 700 Millionaires created – 10 Banks can have 100,000 new accounts each - Two Car Dealerships can sell 50 cars in 50 minutes – A 55 Plus Community can sell 20 homes in 20 minutes – UPS and FedEx can experience $24,000,000.00 in sales through the TV Show in a three month period – Mars Corporation can see $40,000,000.00 in chewing gum sales produced over a three month period in one year. AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will be filled six times with 80,000 people in attendance each time just to have an opportunity to have their dream fulfilled....



The Goal in Terms of Money For TV's First Billion Dollar Show:

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The first season includes up to $700,000,000.00 for Middle Class Job Creation Projects including small business owners. Up to $100,000,000.00 will be given to not for profit organizations with projects of value determined by the Audience, Celebrities, and Foundations of Not For Profit Organizations. Up to $100,000,000.00 will be invested in new and existing businesses in the field of green energy, education, entertainment, tourism, senior care, services, and transportation for the first season.





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We all should begin with the Missionary Mindset before the Mercenary and Mystery Mindset is revealed.

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