Not One of The 6
Not One of The 6

How do I or the organization I represent get on the show?

Read all download files and the entire website. Then, form a team of three to twelve people. Next, send an e-mail telling us about you and the group. State a phone number and best time to call. We need to hear your voice as well as your written statements. Pictures are optional. Any news reports will be helpful but not necessary. Is your efforts local, meaning a town, city, county. Or is your effort state, regional, or national. If your efforts are international, please state countries.

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Ron Clark, Get Involved...

Ron Clark Get involved with something of value. In 1995, at the age of 47, I retired and began the process of preparing for a life of value that would begin in a study of needs in several industries that took ten years and landed me in the world of My first adventure was Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  With over 400 natural disaster recovery efforts under my belt I am ready to pursue my greatest adventure.  Making sure the Baby Boomers are not the last generation to live better than their parents.  Kyle told you about the three mindsets needed for your purpose, dream, journey, or passion. 

I will focus on the principles of success and laws of achievement that lead to the twelve riches in life.  If we were to have a game of family feud and the question was 100 people were surveyed and asked what are the greatest riches of life and the board showed 12 responses what would your 12 be.  The number one answer is????? (money).  It would be right for the show and wrong for any life of value.  Can you name the eleven riches before money?  Doubt it, and we wonder why there are so many broke people.  You do whatever you think best and we will share a better way.  Back to the eleven riches of life before money.  Google the 12 riches of life by Napoleon Hill after reading about some very rich people below my comments.






Will WilliamsWill Williams was born in North Carolina and father to three children and six grandchildren.
Will served in the military 21 years with 30 awards and ribbons and attended fourteen military schools.  Soldier of the month on six occasions. 
Worked with Hero's Night Out for the last 3 years helping 1,500 vets returning home from combat. 
Worked with Blue Star Mothers supporting mothers who lost a child in combat.
Worked with Blue Star Mothers to help with 100 graves of fallen heroes. 
His work has included effort mentoring, coaching, and supports some 2,700 youth.
Will has focused on forty seven students in community service in the neighborhood “Having Problem at School” program.
Worked with 3,400 underprivileged kids for back to school programs with haircuts, hair styled, and supplying backpacks (Project NC-WBBBE)
Worked with project care case to supply clothing and supplies to over 300 foster kids.
Worked with the School for the Deaf to help 30 special needs kids with support to be in the first parade in Round Rock.
Worked with the city of Round Rock supporting cities first responders and veteran events.
Dedicated over 5,000 hours of service to central Texas neighborhoods (neighborhood watch and helped with new community leaders).
Completed a 15 mile obstacle course after having knee surgery 6 months before to raise money for veterans.
Increased 4th of July parade from 152 participants to 2,000 participants in the parade with an audience of 20,000 people watching.
Helped setup a mobile tent store for our military in Iraq resulting in supplies for over 1,000 military men and women.
Worked with different churches to setup meals for returning military vets from the war totaling over 1,000 soldiers.
Worked with different groups for snack bags for military to take on the plane for deployments. 
Received Service to Mankind for Local, District and Regional Award from Sertoma Club. 
Worked with Sertoma's fund raisers to help support $50,000.00 for Dell's Children Hospital and over $10,000.00 for Ronald McDonald House.
Received Sertoma Club Person of the Year Award
Will is responsible for over half of the growth of new members in the Sertoma Club of Round Rock in 2013. 
Worked with projects just because to supply Christmas for over 500 military families.
Philanthropist of the Year for the City of Round Rock 2013.
Finalist for life time achievement award for service to others to be awarded in 2014 by The Last Responders.
Will raised $1,000.00 for Water for Africa through efforts and awards through Recognized Good and is currently in the finals for an additional $10,000.00 Award for Water for Africa presented by Recognized Good. 
Will's efforts will be recognized as part of a film and TV pilot to be made in the Williamson and Travis County area in 2014 in the role as the ultimate in a life of value regarding not for profit effort to benefit all citizens of both Texas counties. 


Jeff and JJ Parker of Georgetown, Texas are the leaders for Williamson County, TXJeff and JJ Parker of Georgetown, Texas are the leaders for Williamson County, TX in an effort to restore trust among strangers. The easier question to answer is what aren't you involved in? The Parkers are involved in Sertoma, Rotary, First United Methodist Church, the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Georgetown Association, Main Street Board, Economic Development Corporation, & the Boys & Girls Club of Georgetown. They volunteer with the Salvation Army, advocate for the American Heart Association, speak on behalf of local developers, and spend time with local, regional, and state politicians figuring out how to make the community better. Jeff and JJ are intentional about forming relationships with people who have the similar goal of making this world a better place for the next generation.






Paul Hansen Paul Hansen of the Flying Vikings- Sick and disabled kids get a day of dreams fulfilled by flying an airplane at 2,000 feet. Thank you Chili's, Papa Johns, Home Depot, and the caring students and adults in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Kids can do incredible things when given incredible things to do.  They can even help create 7,000 jobs on $4.80 if adults will care enough to listen...







Dave Koppel, Pastor of Palm Valley Lutheran Church in Round Rock, TXDave Koppel, Pastor of Palm Valley Lutheran Church in Round Rock, TX leads a program that provide clean water with a filtration device that hangs around the neck and is good for one person for one year at a cost of $10.00.